Spend time with productive people.

Spend time with productive people

Whether we like it or not, the people we hang out with impact us a lot. Motivated people use this to their advantage. You’ll feel more motivated and energized if you surround yourself with people who give you energy.

It’s crazy how much impact other people can have on your motivation in small, everyday interactions:

  • It only takes one positive interaction with a supportive, enthusiastic friend to boost your energy and motivation.

  • Just one interaction with a really negative, critical person can drain you of energy and motivation.

There’s a bigger principle here:

How you feel depends on the people you spend time with.

You can’t expect to feel energetic and enthusiastic if you’re constantly interacting with energy-draining people. However, if you interact a lot with energy-giving people, you can’t help but pick up some of their motivation and enthusiasm.

Be thoughtful about who you hang out with:

  • Make sure you don’t start a relationship with someone who consistently drains you.

  • Look at the energy levels of the people you’ll be working with when you’re applying for a job.

  • Start a new project or business with someone who gives you energy. If they don’t, their other assets better be worth it!

Friends of Business believes that if you surround yourself with hard-working, motivated individuals who are dedicated to their business, you will be inspired to make positive changes, and achieve bigger goals.